July 16, 2017

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By Jarita Holbrook, R. Thebe Medupe, Johnson O. Urama

Astronomy is the technological know-how of learning the sky utilizing telescopes and lightweight creditors resembling photographic plates or CCD detectors. even though, humans have regularly studied the sky and proceed to check the sky with out assistance from tools this can be the world of cultural astronomy. this can be the 1st scholarly number of articles curious about the cultural astronomy of Africans. It weaves jointly astronomy, anthropology, and Africa. the quantity contains African myths and legends in regards to the sky, alignments to celestial our bodies stumbled on at archaeological websites and at areas of worship, rock artwork with celestial imagery, and medical considering published in neighborhood astronomy traditions together with ethnomathematics and the production of calendars. Authors comprise astronomers Kim Malville, Johnson Urama, and Thebe Medupe; archaeologist Felix Chami, and geographer Michael Bonine, and plenty of new authors. As an rising subfield of cultural astronomy, African cultural astronomy researchers are desirous about education scholars in particular for doing study in Africa. the 1st a part of the amount includes classes and workouts to assist the start scholar of African cultural astronomy. incorporated are routines in archaeoastronomy, cultural anthropology, and naked-eye astronomy penned via authors who use those frequently use those equipment for his or her learn. This number of classes and examine papers offers a beginning for the cultural astronomy researcher attracted to doing paintings in Africa.

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Holbrook et al. ), African Cultural Astronomy – Current Archaeoastronomy and Ethnoastronomy Research in Africa. V. 2008 39 40 J. M. Malville Fig. 1 Gnomon at Nabta Playa north than simply aligning themselves with a pole star. One way is pay attention the rising and setting stars around the northern regions. Since the horizon is so nearly flat in much of the Saharan desert ancient sky watchers could have observed the rising and setting positions of the sun or bright stars in the north such as Arcturus and then split the difference to determine north.

The cards are shuffled or randomized for the respondents to make their sorting into piles so that similar items are on a pile together. They may be asked to make a specific number or as much as they want. Allow the informants to finish their sorting before asking questions to avoid bias. Descriptive answers could be used in interpreting final results. Weller and Romney (1990: 22–23) gave example of how simple pile sort could be represented graphically. Assuming we collected data on similarity of seven items and respondents put items A, B, C together in 1 pile; D and E in a pile and left F and G by themselves – we can create a table to tabulate similarity among the items.

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