July 16, 2017

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By Michael Webb

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63 A Better Way to Date The Reconnaissance Mission Trevor drove around for a while and finally found a crowded Italian restaurant that was able to squeeze then into a back corner near the kitchen. The restaurant was much more expensive than he had planned for. Trevor then drove to the concert but couldn't find a parking spot anywhere. After ten minutes he finally found a park in a multistory car park. By the time they got to the concert they had missed the big opening number. These real life examples clearly illustrate the importance of the dating reconnaissance mission.

If, after a relatively short interaction, you ask the person you are talking to for their phone number, they don't have a lot to go on. 36 A Better Way to Date The Best Ways To Meet Others Because she doesn't really know you, often her answer will depend on your looks and what your conversation has been like. This is OK if you are very good looking or you are naturally witty and entertaining but for most guys after a fairly normal conversation, there is a chance she might say no, and that never feels good.

If you attend your strategic locations regularly and meet as many as possible in this fashion, you should find that in a relatively short space of time there are at least a few singles who you would like to get to know a little better. In the next chapter you will learn about an important strategy for ensuring dating success - The Reconnaissance Mission. 61 A Better Way to Date The Reconnaissance Mission CHAPTER 4: THE RECONNAISSANCE MISSION The Oxford dictionary defines a reconnaissance mission as "an examination or survey preliminary to operations".

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