July 16, 2017

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By The Proutist Writers Group, New York Sector

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Rather, it is recognized that various factors are required for the success of such a cooperative system. For example, it requires an integrated economic environment, common economic needs and a ready, local market. Furthermore, a phase-wise implementation process is also needed. In the first phase, an evaluation of economic holdings would be made. Those farmers owning profitable land would maintain the rights of private ownership if desired, while those with insufficient or deficient land (uneconomic holdings) would be encouraged to join cooperatives.

Boards would begin to address the social, cultural, scientific and welfare needs of the people and serve as a catalyst to organize the community. Social Boards would address such issues as education, relief, animal rights, culture, art, industry, commerce, farming, etc. The formation of such boards is an important phase in the exploration and implementation of PROUT. Proutist Social Boards need not wait for a change in the economic and political systems to begin their work—they may immediately be formed by those eager for social transformation and the alleviation of poverty.

These may be involved in the production of non-essential or luxury goods and services. Goods such as handicrafts or jewelry, and services such as restaurants might be appropriate for this. If anyone is privately employed in such an enterprise, there will be incentive for the owner to compensate well and provide incentive, for at any time the employees could leave to join a cooperative arrangement. And if a private industry becomes too large it will be required to make a transition to cooperative management.

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