July 16, 2017

Download A Learner's Guide to Warlpiri: Tape Course for Beginners by Mary Laughren, Robert Hoogenraad, Kenneth L. Hale, Robin PDF

By Mary Laughren, Robert Hoogenraad, Kenneth L. Hale, Robin Japanangka Granites

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18. Marlu ka manangkarra wapami. __ The bird is sitting in the tree. The meat is cooking on the fire. The kangaroo is walking about on the spinifex plain. 19. Puluku ka yuwurrku_ karrimi. The bullock is standing in the scrub. 20. Nantuwu ka yarlu 21. Warlu ka rdaku __ __ karrimi. j ankami. The horse is standing in the clearing. The fire is burning in the hole. WORD ORDER From listening to the different ways in which words can be ordered in sen­ tences 22-27 below you will see just how variable word order is in Warlpiri.

What? ngana? who? nyiya-nyiya? what skin name (subsection)? 1 1. Skin names are introduced in Lesson Three on page 77. The basics for learning Warlpiri 2 7 Indicating-words: nyampuju this one (here) yalumpuju that one (close by) yaliji that one (further away) this one (that we are discussing or attending to ngulaju now) � 16. Now listen to some examples of how they are put together. Nyiya nyampuju? What is this one? Ngana yalumpuju? Who is that? Nyiya-nyiya ngulaju? What is his/her skin name? (you know the one I mean) The reply can be equally simple: just the repetition of the indicating word followed by the required word or name.

Yujukurla ka nyinami kamta. Nyinami ka kamta yujukurla. 25. Kurdu ka parrajarla ngunami. A baby is lying in a coolamon. Kurdu ka ngunami parrajarla. Parrajarla ka ngunami kurdu. Ngunami ka kurdu parrajarla. 26. Kurdu kulaka pirlingka nyinami. Kulaka kurdu pirlingka nyinami. Kulaka pirlingka nyinami kurdu. Kulaka nyinami kurdu pirlingka. 50 Part Four The child is not sitting on the stone. 27. Nantuwu kulaka ngapangka karrimi. Kulaka nantuwu ngapangka karrimi. The horse is not standing in the water.

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