July 16, 2017

Download A manual on vegetable seed production in Bangladesh by M. A. Rashid, D. P. Singh PDF

By M. A. Rashid, D. P. Singh

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Dehiscence generally takes place at warmer temperature condition. 5 cm with a pithy interior. Varieties Considering the factor of seed production, the radish varieties can broadly be divided into the following groups Temperate varieties which produce seeds in the temperate areas by over wintering. They are biennials and include Japanese, European and American winter radishes. They require chilling for flower initiation. The popular Japanese varieties Miashige, Minowase and Minoearly are temperate biennials and are not capable of seed production in the tropical climate.

Intensive care is necessary during seedling production. Sixteen to twenty days old seedlings are transplanted in the prepared pit. These are watered immediately after transplanting and it continued every afternoon till seedling establishment. Finally vigorous seedling is allowed to grow in the field. Land Selection and Preparation The well drained land should be selected with irrigation facilities and sufficient sunshine. The land should not be used in previous year for growing such type of crop.

The annuals are of mainly tropical origin and do not require chilling for flower induction while the biennials are of temperate origin and require chilling for flowering and seed production. Both types produce fleshy tap roots together with a rosette of leaves arising from a shortened stem. The inflorescence is the typical terminal raceme of the crucifers, and the flowers are white, rose or lilac in colour. Radish is highly cross-pollinated crop, pollination occurs primarily by honeybees. Flowers open during the day time from 8:00 A.

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