July 16, 2017

Download A Tan and Sandy Silence (Travis McGee Mysteries 13) by John D. MacDonald PDF

By John D. MacDonald

Deepest eye Travis McGee outwaits and outwits a deranged killer as he searches for a lacking spouse on a distant Caribbean island, the place he additionally tangles with a baby-faced businessman with a flavor for homicide. e-book to be had.

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I put the cap on the miracle goop and swabbed up the few white places where it had dribbled on the varnish, miraculously removing the gloss. I spun the helmsman's seat around and looked at Meyer. I said to him, "You are pretty damned intense about something I don't understand. We don't know whether Mary wants him to have that money or not. We know she's in Grenada, knowing he's sweating it out, and she's probably enjoying it every time she thinks about it. We know that Harry is getting so frantic he's losing control.

No. " "Dear chap, the one in Spain is Gran-AH-duh. The island is Gre-NAY-duh. " "No. I happen to know how to pronounce it. " "I found the only person who might really know for sure, aside from the travel agent. A neighbor lady, who shows her good taste by disliking the hell out of Harry Broll. She thought for a while Harry sent me. I softened her up. " "Yes. Nearly two weeks ago. With tears. Without the gun. But rough. " Meyer nodded and went gliding away, head up, in that powerful, slow, and tireless breaststroke that somehow makes me think of a seal when I see his head moving by.

McGee, the lady had decided to go first class all the way. " "Come on! " She walked me to the door. She got ahead of me and leaned back against the door and looked up quizzically. She stood a little taller than my elbow. "McGee, I just wondered. It seems like a, hell of a lot of trouble you went to. " "No big thing, Holly. The cards and the checks were in the cupboard. I have to hunt for people sometimes. " She sighed. "Heck, I thought I could solve a problem for Mary. " "Sure. " When I glanced back, she was standing on her shallow front steps, arms crossed.

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