July 16, 2017

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By Laurie Shrage

Shrage argues that Roe v Wade's regulatory scheme of a six-month time span for abortion on call for polarized the general public and obscured possible choices with probably broader aid. She explores the origins of that scheme, then defends another one--with a time span shorter than 6 months for non-therapeutic abortions--that may perhaps win huge aid had to make criminal abortion companies to be had to all ladies.

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And the lack of comfort some have with using D & X late in a healthy pregnancy probably has little to do with the fetus's viability. Many object to feticidal abortions late in a healthy pregnancy not because the fetus is capable of some sort of extrauterine existence but simply because, by late pregnancy, fetuses seem to acquire many important human characteristics that would make their intentional destruction, without substantial cause, tragic. Viability may have had some moral relevance when abortions after viability could result in unanticipated live births and were generally equal to or greater than childbirth in risk.

Some people believe that the fetus is endowed with a soul and has interests from the moment of conception. Others believe the fetus has interests only when it can form a concept of itself as a separate being (probably after birth). Dworkin contends that it has interests when it becomes sentient, presumably because then it has an interest in avoiding suffering, but he offers no sustained defense of this. Nevertheless, he would allow the state to enforce a sentience conception of fetal development on a public that is divided on this issue, often on religious grounds.

She writes: If we are to move from abortion on demand to reimposition of restrictions on abortions in certain situations, we should review the entire complex of laws that bear on maternity and childraising, including but not limited to our welfare and child support laws. . The European experience leads one to wonder why pregnant women in the United States should be asked to make significant sacrifices ... 101 The issue perhaps is this: How can we move toward an expanded social security net that allows women to choose motherhood or abortion, along with the reasonable regulations that a society providing this net would expect?

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