July 16, 2017

Download Advanced Graphics with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum by Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones PDF

By Ian O. Angell, Brian J. Jones

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After such a move the plot pen moves to the pixel equivalent of the new origin. the point in coordinate space at one end of the line, and 'lineto', which draws the line by moving the plot pen from its present position (set by a previous call to 'setorigin', 'moveto' or 'lineto ') to the pixel equivalent of the point on the other end of the line. 5 show 'moveto' and 'lineto' routines designed specifically for the Spectrum. The 'lineto' routine includes statements that From Real Coordinates to Pixels 31 initiate the machine-dependent BASIC pixel instructions for drawing a line (note that PLOT is absolute and DRAW is relative); however, the 'moveto' routine is machine-independent.

Choose these values so that the figure is consistent with your values of HORIZ, VERT, XMOVE and YMOVE. Try 30 ,20,15 and 10 respectively . As an example call 'circle 1' with centre (I , -1), radius 8 and 'circle2 ' with centre (I , 2), radius 5. V. 1 lb ('celtic'). Each routine requires the centre (XCENT , YCENT), maximum radius RMAX and number of turns in the spiral N. 1 1b ('celtic') needs a value SIGN, which is ± 1. Choose these values so that the figure is consistent with your values of HORIZ, VERT, XMOVE and YMOVE (for example , 30,20,15 and 10).

N is not greater than 30 . 1) , are chosen so that the design fits neatly on the screen. If one of these vertices lies on the positive x-axis (the horizontal), then the N vertices are all of the form (COS (ALPHA), SIN(ALPHA)), where ALPHA is an angle 21fI/N and I is chosen from 1,2, . , or N. 6. Furthermore, since the program uses these values over and over again, it is sensible to store them in arrays and access them when required by specifying the correct array index. 9, if 1 0:;;; I 0:;;; J 0:;;; N, then the J th point is not joined to the I th point ; the line will have already been drawn in the opposite direction .

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