July 16, 2017

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By Ahmed T. McKinney P.D.

The first concentration of this publication is to offer the fundamental physics of reservoir engineering utilizing the best and simplest of mathematical concepts. it is just via having an entire realizing of physics of reservoir engineering that the engineer can wish to resolve complicated reservoir difficulties in a pragmatic demeanour. The ebook is prepared in order that it may be used as a textbook for senior and graduate scholars or as a reference ebook for training engineers.
Contents: good trying out research Water inflow Unconventional gasoline Reservoirs functionality of Oil Reservoirs Predicting Oil Reservoir functionality advent to grease box Economics.

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Compressibility equation: The fluid compressibility equation (expressed in terms of density or volume) is used in formulating the unsteady-state equation with the objective of describing the changes in the fluid volume as a function of pressure. Initial and boundary conditions: There are two boundary conditions and one initial condition is required to complete the formulation and the solution of the transient flow equation. , re = ∞. , time = 0. 18. The element has a width of dr and is located at a distance of r from the center of the well.

2 × 106 52. 0 × 106 113. 1 × 106 198. 0 × 106 304. 0 × 106 422. 0 × 106 542. 4 × 106 678. 0 × 106 816. 0 × 106 950. 0 × 106 1089. 5 hours by using the p approximation method and compare it with the exact solution. Solution Step 1. Calculate the dimensionless time tD : tD = = 0. 0002637kt φµi cti rw2 0. 000264 65 1. 5 0. 15 0. 02831 3 × 10−4 0. 32 = 224 498. 6 Step 2. Calculate Bg at pi : Bg = 0. 00504 = 0. 00504 Zi T pi 0. 896 600 = 0. 0006158 bbl/scf 4400 pD = 0. 5[ln(tD ) + 0. 80907] = 0. 5 ln 224 498.

G. k or kh, as discussed later in this chapter. , compressible fluids. 3 pD vs. , Well Testing, SPE Textbook Series, permission to publish by the SPE, copyright SPE, 1982) tD reD = 1. 444 reD = 4. 447 reD = 2. 649 reD = 5. 225 reD = 2. 0 tD reD = 6. 398 tD reD = 3. 0 reD = 7. 0 reD = 8. 817 Notes: For tD smaller than values listed in this table for a given reD reservoir is infinite acting. 2. For 25 < tD and tD larger than values in table: 3r 4 −4r 4 ln reD −2r 2 −1 1/2+2tD eD eD pD ∼ − eD = 2 2 r eD 4 r 2 −1 eD 2 For wells in rebounded reservoirs with reD ∼ 2tD + ln r − 3/4.

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