July 16, 2017

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By Floyd Weatherspoon

African-American men and the USA Justice approach of Marginalization offers an summary of the commercial and social prestige of African-American men in the United States, which maintains to go to pot at an alarming expense. Weatherspoon posits that during each American institutional procedure, from delivery to loss of life, the adventure of African-American men to accomplish racial justice and fairness during this nation is missed, marginalized, and exploited. the yankee justice process, particularly, has approved and on occasion sanctioned the marginalization of African-American men as complete voters. Weatherspoon examines the concept that African-American men are disproportionately represented in each element of the legal justice method, and that the marginalization of African-American men in the US has an extended and treacherous heritage that keeps to negatively impression their financial, political, and social prestige.

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The survey revealed that African-Americans were twice as likely as white drivers to receive a traffic ticket. 84 In San Diego, a study of the Police Department revealed that African-Americans and Hispanics were more likely than whites, and Asian-Americans to be stopped. In Suffolk County, New York, as part of an investigative report, a white motorist and a black motorist were sent to travel throughout the county. ”85 There is also some evidence that the controversial “stop and frisk” law of New York primarily targets young African-American males.

The concern is that African-American communities are the primary targets of drug enforcement sweeps, and that African-American males are the primary individuals targeted for arrest—normally receiving harsher sentencing for the same or similar offenses committed by whites. 101 In many cases, the immutable characteristic of being a black male is considered a sufficient basis for law enforcement officers to have probable cause to stop African-American male motorists for interrogation. 0005 Racial Injustice in the Criminal Justice System  should not be disproportionately targeted for enforcement.

Lambert70 expressed concerns of how general descriptions of an African-American male suspect can lead to a significant number of African-Americans being stopped and detained. ”71 This is not to suggest that law enforcement officers can never consider race when performing their job; in fact, it is just the opposite. For example, where a witness identifies the race and gender of a suspect, it is relevant evidence to consider in an effort to apprehend a criminal. Racial profiling, however, involves a predisposition held by law enforcement officers who are members of the majority, to believe that minorities, particularly African-American males, are engaged in criminal activities; therefore, they are stopped and searched without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

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