July 16, 2017

Download AJAX: Creating Web Pages with Asynchronous JavaScript and by Edmond Woychowsky PDF

By Edmond Woychowsky

The effortless, Example-Based consultant to Ajax for Every internet Developer


Using Ajax, you could construct internet functions with the sophistication and usefulness of conventional desktop

applications and you may do it utilizing criteria and open resource software program. Now, for the 1st time,

there's a simple, example-driven advisor to Ajax for each net and open resource developer, regardless of



Edmond Woychowsky starts with uncomplicated concepts regarding simply HTML and easy JavaScript. Then,

one step at a time, he introduces innovations for development more and more wealthy functions. don't fret if

you're no longer a professional on Ajax's underlying applied sciences; Woychowsky deals refreshers on them, from

JavaScript to the XMLHttpRequest item. you are going to additionally locate a number of open resource applied sciences and open

standards all through, starting from Firefox to Ruby and MySQL.


You'll not just how to write "functional" code, but in addition grasp layout styles for writing rocksolid,

high-performance Ajax functions. you are going to additionally use frameworks akin to Ruby on

Rails to get the task performed fast.


  • Learn how Ajax works, the way it developed, and what it really is stable for
  • Understand the circulation of processing in Ajax applications
  • Build Ajax purposes with XML and the XMLHttpRequest object
  • Integrate back-end code, from Hypertext Preprocessor to C#
  • Use XSLT and XPath, together with XPath Axis
  • Develop client-side Ajax libraries to help code reuse
  • Streamline improvement with Ruby on Rails and the Ruby programming language
  • Use the cross-browser HTML DOM to replace elements of a page
  • Discover the simplest Ajax net assets, together with Ajax-capable JavaScript libraries

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Com to register it. Thanks. 2. Meddling with Unnatural Forces Earlier I explained how I, and probably quite a few others, stumbled upon the then nameless technique that was to become Ajax. " Several years earlier, as a consultant for the group insurance division of a large insurance company, I had the good fortune to get the assignment to automate a paper-based request system. Armed with a file layout, salespeople would try to sell group insurance to companies and, theoretically, would explain that enrollee information needed to conform to the file layout.

This magic is accomplished in the pages' on load event handler, initialize. This function waits for the other frame to load and then copies this form's inner HTML to the other frame. When this is done, the result is the normal-looking web page shown in Figure 2-1. The way it behaves, however, is almost application-like, with parts of the visible page being updated each time the hidden frame does an unload/reload cycle. Figure 2-1. com to register it. 5. An Ajax Encounter of the Second Kind As flexible and cross-browser capable as the "hidden frames" method of implementing Ajax is, all that has been accomplished is the "AJ" part of Ajax.

Another concept that Ajax uses is, why not make the client work for a living? Have the client's web browser handle parts of the processing rather than just parrot preprocessed information on the screen. The initial page load would consist of data and JavaScript, instructions on what to do with the data. To expand upon the earlier mad scientist analogy, imagine a do-it-yourself "mad scientist" kit consisting of a pile of parts and a minion that answers to Igor, and you'll get the idea. With an Ajax application, the browser is expected to actually process the data supplied by the server.

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