July 16, 2017

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By Ernest G. Manes

In the Nineteen Thirties, mathematical logicians studied the proposal of "effective comput­ability" utilizing such notions as recursive services, A-calculus, and Turing machines. The Forties observed the development of the 1st digital desktops, and the following two decades observed the evolution of higher-level programming languages during which courses will be written in a handy model autonomous (thanks to compilers and interpreters) of the structure of any particular computer. the advance of such languages led in flip to the final research of questions of syntax, structuring strings of symbols which may count number as criminal courses, and semantics, settling on the "meaning" of a application, for instance, because the functionality it computes in reworking enter info to output effects. an incredible method of semantics, pioneered via Floyd, Hoare, and Wirth, is termed statement semantics: given a specification of which assertions (preconditions) on enter info should still be sure that the implications fulfill wanted assertions (postconditions) on output facts, one seeks a logical evidence that this system satisfies its specification. another method, pioneered through Scott and Strachey, is named denotational semantics: it bargains algebraic ideas for characterizing the denotation of (i. e. , the functionality computed through) a program-the homes of this system can then be checked by way of direct comparability of the denotation with the specification. This booklet is an advent to denotational semantics. extra in particular, we introduce the reader to 2 methods to denotational semantics: the order semantics of Scott and Strachey and our personal partly additive semantics.

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Axiom c is routine. Axiom a holds by definition-we consider the domain and codomain as part of the definition of a function. In the student's likely first encounter with functions, elementary calculus, axiom a is not made explicit. " According to our conventions these are different functions. This is reasonable since these functions have different properties-for example, the second is monotone increasing where the first is not. We again avoid a formal proof that repeated use of the associative law axiom b establishes that all n-fold compositions are equal regardless of parenthesization and so can be written without parentheses as f.

We begin with two basic properties of inclusion functions whose proof is obvious and follow this with an example that simplifies a compound conditional statement. 25 Proposition. Let A, B be subsets of X. Then: (a) incA incB = incAnB = incBincA' (b) If An B = 0, incA + incB exists and is incAuB ' 26 Example. If A, B c: X, f, g, hE SC(X, Y) then 34 1 An Introduction to Denotational Semantics if A then (if B then I else g) else (if A' then I else h) = (/incB + gincB,)incA + (jincA, + hincA)incA, (since A" = == lincBincA + gincB, incA +I incA' incA' + gincAnB , + lincA' l(incAnB + incA') + g incAnB , +I incA incA' A) (by 15) = lincAnB (by 25) = (by 15 since the sum in parentheses is defined by 25) = l(inc(AnB)UA') + g incAnB , (by 25) = I inc(AnB')' + g incAnB, = if A n B' then g else f Repetitive constructs may be defined using infinite sums.

Prove that (p v q) and (I (( Ip) 1\ (Iq))) are semantically equivalent. 12. Write an FPF function f to compute the number of occurrences of the least value in a nonempty list of numbers. [Hint: a possible strategy is Step 0: Step 1: Step 2: Step 4:

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