July 16, 2017

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By S. V. Griffith

Alluvial Prospecting and Mining (Second Revised version) makes a speciality of the emergence of greater mining ideas and techniques utilized in the excavation of alluvial deposits.

The ebook first deals details at the prospecting equipment, sampling, and valuation. Discussions concentrate on initial systematic prospecting, drilling in tough flooring, supervision of drilling, fee of excavation, pitting and drilling in comparison, sampling of bore holes, and calculation of reserves. The ebook then examines water provide, together with earth dams, spillways, leats, ditches, or canals, and layout of pipelines.

The manuscript ponders on sluicing and dry focus of minerals. issues contain rock pavements, undercurrents, fake bottoms, glean up, tailings, floor sluicing, water required, exploitation of vegetation, electrostatic separation, and excessive depth magnetic separators. The publication additionally studies ahead coaching of overburden, hydraulic mining, and gravel pumping.

The ebook is a liable reference for miners and readers drawn to alluvial prospecting and mining.

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As the casings are in 5 ft lengths, a new casing has to be added after every two 2 \ ft strokes of the rotating device. Although in soft clay it may be necessary to use a tongue drill or auger, the drilling of the hole is normally effected by means of a valve bailer, on top of which a sinker bar is screwed, to compensate for the smaller weight of the cable line as compared with the drill rods. As stated before, it is good practice to employ two bailers, so that one can be working in the bore, while the other is being emptied of its contents (see Fig.

28. West African diamond washer. Longitudinal and cross sections, and plan. SAMPLING AND VALUATION 37 removable. The shaker works in two bush logs, hollowed out to suit, and embedded in the ground; the screens are 8, 4, 2 and 1 mm mesh, the 8 mm screen being on top, and the 1 mm screen at the bottom. The shaker is worked by a boy standing on it, at each end, and rocking it from side to side by a peculiar motion of the legs, the rocking motion being terminated each time by a sudden sharp jerk to one side; another boy stands at the side, dipping up water from the stream in a pan or bucket, and pouring it into the shaker.

Most of the mineral FIG. 25. Cradle or rocker. SAMPLING AND VALUATION 35 contents and heavy sand are caught by the riffles on the apron, and the fine material by the riffles on the tailings piece. If gold "dirt" is being washed, mercury is sometimes added behind the riffles for catching the gold. Any pebbles remaining on the screen are first washed thoroughly, examined for mineral, and discarded if found to be barren. The character of the material being treated determines the grade or slope to be given to the cradle; if the grade is too flat, "packing" behind the riffles will result, with the consequent loss of fine material.

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