July 16, 2017

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By Jason Ripper

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The next morning, the soldiers gathered the Sioux together and set about disarming them, taking all knives and guns. Women, children, and warriors were gathered there together on the snowy ground. In the process of trying to collect their firearms, a number of missteps coincided: jittery soldiers making a stressful encounter worse; a Sioux holy man throwing a handful of dirt into the air (a sign to fight, perhaps); a Sioux’s gun firing accidentally or intentionally; volleys of army bullets in return.

13 It was no wonder that Cody borrowed liberally and graphically from the frontier wars to entertain his audience. A mock scalping, let alone, apparently, a real one would have shocked few people. 31 AMERICAN STORIES Annie Oakley Real women in the West had to do whatever was necessary to survive. That often meant toiling alongside their husbands in soils gone hard from drought, driving fence posts, planting crops, and shouldering a rifle, whether to keep an unsavory character at bay or to shoot the evening’s meal.

Soon after Red Cloud was feted with fireworks and steak in Washington in 1871, Sitting Bull added to his own legend by sitting down in an entirely 27 AMERICAN STORIES different way. S. soldiers marched into eastern Montana in 1872, only to be greeted by the Hunkpapas. In the fight that followed, Sitting Bull walked into the grass separating the two firing armies, sat on the ground, lit a pipe, and smoked a good lungful while bullets creased the air around him. Then he walked back to the remaining Sioux, who summarily retreated.

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