July 16, 2017

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By Roberto Bolaño

A journey de strength, Amulet is a hugely charged first-person, semi-hallucinatory novel that embodies in a single woman's voice the depression and violent fresh background of Latin America.Amulet is a monologue, like Bola?o's acclaimed debut in English, by way of evening in Chile. The speaker is Auxilio Lacouture, a Uruguayan lady who moved to Mexico within the Sixties, changing into the "Mother of Mexican Poetry," striking out with the younger poets within the caf?s and bars of the college. She's tall, skinny, and blonde, and her favourite younger poet within the Nineteen Seventies is none except Arturo Belano (Bola?o's fictional stand-in all through his books). in addition to her younger poets, Auxilio remembers 3 amazing ladies: the melancholic younger thinker Elena, the exiled Catalan painter Remedios Varo, and Lilian Serpas, a poet who as soon as slept with Che Guevara. And during her imaginary stopover at to the home of Remedios Varo, Auxilio sees an uncanny panorama, a type of chasm. This chasm reappears in a imaginative and prescient on the finish of the booklet: a military of youngsters is marching towards it, making a song as they move. the kids are the idealistic younger Latin americans who got here to adulthood within the '70s, and the final phrases of the unconventional are: "And that track is our amulet."

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I don't know how to put it. Maybe thinner, but no, she wasn't really any thinner. Maybe drawn, although she wasn't any more drawn than before. Maybe quieter, although after three minutes it was clear to me that she was no less talkative. Perhaps her eyelids were swollen. Perhaps her whole face was swollen, as if she were taking cortisone. But no. The evidence was there before my eyes: she was the same as ever. We spent the evening and that whole night together. Starting in the cafeteria as it gradually emptied of students and professors, leaving only us in the end, and the cleaning lady, and the very nice, very sad middle-aged man behind the bar.

The birth was over. I estimate that I must have spent about three hours sitting there. I know that it was starting to get dark when I came out of the stall. My extremities had gone numb. There was a rock in my stomach and my chest hurt. There was gauze or a kind of veil in front of my eyes. There was a buzzing of blowflies or bees or wasps in my ears or in my mind. I felt ticklish and sleepy at the same time. But in fact I was more awake than ever. The situation was, admittedly, unfamiliar, but I knew what to do.

Sometimes I dreamed of her and saw her limping through the boundless campus of the UNAM. Sometimes I peered out of my window in the women's bathroom on the fourth floor and saw her approaching the faculty building amid a whirl of transparent forms. Sometimes I fell asleep on the tiled floor and heard her steps coming up the stairs, as if she were coming to rescue me, coming to say sorry for having taken so long. And I opened my mouth, half dead or half asleep, and said, Chido, Elena, quite uncharacteristically using that awful Mexican slang word for great.

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