July 16, 2017

Download AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook by Matt Frisbie PDF

By Matt Frisbie

This isn't your grandmother's JavaScript cookbook. when you've got a foundational knowing of the framework and need to extend your AngularJS skillset with ideas and methodologies for construction performant and scaleable creation purposes, this is often the ebook for you. This ebook assumes you've gotten an knowing of the fundamentals of AngularJS, and event with JavaScript.

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Series similarity is a strong device for locating organic functionality. simply because the old Greeks used comparative anatomy to appreciate the human physique and linguists used the Rosetta stone to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphs, this present day we will use comparative series research to appreciate genomes. BLAST (Basic neighborhood Alignment seek Tool), is a cosmopolitan software program package deal for quick looking of nucleotide and protein databases.

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There's more… This recipe demonstrates the power of constructing a directive to convert a complex data object into a large DOM object. Relevant portions can be broken into individual templates, handled with distributed directive logic, and combined together in an elegant fashion to maximize modularity and reusability. See also ff The Optional nested directive controllers recipe covers vertical communication between directives through their controller objects 43 2 Expanding Your Toolkit with Filters and Service Types In this chapter, we will cover the following recipes: ff Using the uppercase and lowercase filters ff Using the number and currency filters ff Using the date filter ff Debugging using the json filter ff Using data filters outside the template ff Using built-in search filters ff Chaining filters ff Creating custom data filters ff Creating custom search filters ff Filtering with custom comparators ff Building a search filter from scratch ff Building a custom search filter expression from scratch ff Using service values and constants ff Using service factories ff Using services ff Using service providers ff Using service decorators Expanding Your Toolkit with Filters and Service Types Introduction In this chapter, you will learn how to effectively utilize AngularJS filters and services in your applications.

Apply() wrapper to trigger the update of the DOM. With all of this, your cursor movement should constantly be invoking the event handler, and you should see a real-time description of your cursor's relative cardinal locality. There's more… In this directive, we have used the scope parameter for the first time. You might be wondering, "Which scope am I using? " Recall that a directive will inherit a scope unless otherwise specified, and this recipe is no different. heading console inside the event handler, you would see that this directive is writing to the heading attribute of the $rootScope of the entire application!

As you are using the controller object and not the controller scope, you must define your public controller methods on this instead of $scope. The $scope doesn't make sense in the context of a foreign directive—recall that the directive is in the process of being linked when all of this happens. Directive scope inheritance When a directive is not instructed to create its own isolate scope, it will inherit the scope of whatever scope it exists inside. html - uncompiled)

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Scope from {{origin}}


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