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By Boyun Guo

Used to scrub the borehole, stabilize rock, keep watch over pressures, or improve drilling premiums, drilling fluids and their movement structures are utilized in all stages of a drilling operation. those platforms are hugely dynamic and intricate to version formerly. This publication presents engineers and scholars with the required analytical/numerical types to address difficulties linked to the layout and optimization of cost effective drilling flow platforms. the one ebook which mixes process modeling, layout, and gear, this booklet offers a transparent and rigorous exposition of conventional and non-traditional flow platforms and gear via self contained chapters referring to procedure modeling purposes. Theories are illustrated through case experiences in keeping with the author’s actual lifestyles event.

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The surface equipment consists of a standpipe, a rotary hose, a swivel, and a kelly pipe. 1 shows the inner diameter and length of each for some typical combinations. 5 lb/ft m ft m 133 161 761 49 232 ft m ft m 479 816 146 249 340 576 104 176 in the surface equipment is not calculated based on the geometry of each piece of equipment. Instead, the pressure loss is estimated using an equivalent length of drill pipe. 2 presents the equivalent drill pipe length data for the typical combinations. The general procedure for calculating system pressure losses is as follows: 1.

Field units. 44) The critical Reynolds number (NRec) is the criterion for determining the flow regime. The flow becomes turbulent once it is over the critical Reynolds number; otherwise it is laminar flow. 8, and a yield stress of 5 lb/100 ft2 is circulating at 250 gpm in an 8¾-in-diameter wellbore. 826-in ID) and in the drill pipe/hole annulus. Solution Inside the drill pipe: 250 = 6:98 ft/s 2:448ð3:826Þ2   1 5 Cc = 1 − " #0:8 = 0:7513 2 × 0:8 + 1 ð3 × 0:8 + 1Þ0:557 5 + 0:04177 0:8 × πð0:319/2Þ3 3 2  0:8 ð2 − 0:8Þ 0:319 10:5 × 7:48 × 6:98 2ð3 × 0:8 + 1Þ 6 7 2 NRe = 4  0:8  0:8 5 = 11,975 0:8 0:319 3 × 0:8 + 1 5 + 0:04177 2 × 6:98 0:8 × 0:7513 v= The critical Reynolds number NRec inside the drill pipe is calculated as follows: logð0:8Þ + 3:93 = 0:0767 50 1:75 − logð0:8Þ z= = 0:2638 7   1 4ð3 × 0:8 + 1Þ 1 − 0:2638 NRec = = 1,537 0:8 × 0:0767 y= Since NRe > 1,537, turbulent flow exists inside the drill pipe.

Young Jr. , 1991. Applied Drilling Engineering. SPE Textbook Series. , 2009. Air and Gas Drilling Manual. Gulf Professional Publishing. , 1986. Drilling Practices Manual, second ed. PennWellBooks. 1 How can you adjust the mud flow rate from the mud pump? 2 What is the diameter in inches of a No. 16 nozzle? 3 What is the purpose of degassers in the mud circulating system? 1 INTRODUCTION Mud hydraulics is considered one of the most important factors affecting mud drilling performance. The rate of penetration can be significantly increased using state-of-the-art techniques for hydraulics optimization to minimize drilling operation costs.

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