July 15, 2017

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By John Orna-Ornstein

Basic font archaeology may be defined because the examine of every little thing some time past. humans, animals, crops, climate, warfare, peace, nutrients, garments, artwork, structure, ideals and ideas - you identify it, and a few archaeologists, someplace, are learning it. they're on their knees in a muddy trench painstakingly uncovering a pot, or a few human bones. they're working the main cutting-edge desktop gear, CAT scanners and electron scanning microscopes or they are surveying the floor from planes. they're in a museum, conscientiously cataloguing the main worthwhile - or traditional! - relics of the previous. This booklet goals to exhibit the significance, the range and the thrill of archaeology.

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Visitors are now prevented from touching the standing stones at Stonehenge in southern England because of the damage done to the monument in the past. New laws are helping some of these problems, but more still needs to be done if we are to preserve our past. Please don't touch! Visitors are kept at a distance from the worldfamous monument of Stonehenge in England to protect its ancient stones. Archaeology and technology Archaeology has been transformed by modern technological changes. Archaeologists can now accurately date many types of object.

The Greek language was already known and so Champollion was able to discover how the two Egyptian scripts worked. After this discovery many hieroglyphic inscriptions could be read and much was found out about the life and customs of the ancient Egyptians. This slab of Egyptian stone carries a king's decree written in Greek and in an Egyptian script called demotic, as well as in hieroglyphs. Comparison of the three allowed Champollion to decipher hieroglyphs. 37 The future of archaeology A rchaeology is becoming increasingly successful in understanding the past.

They can provide clues about how food was harvested and cooked. A huge pile of oyster shells. Amazingly, all of these oysters would only have provided the same amount of food as a single deer. Human remains This CAT scan of an ancient Egyptian female mummy shows that the woman had only two teeth left when she died. 30 Teeth are often well preserved and may carry fascinating information about diet. Human remains often carry information about diet. Food leaves traces of chemicals in bones, and analysis of these can be very informative.

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