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Download Artemis von Ephesos und verwandte Kultstatuen aus Anatolien by R. Fleischer PDF

By R. Fleischer

The forerunner of this finished and entirely descriptive catalogue of statues and different repre-sentations used to be the paintings released in Berlin by means of Hermann Thiersch, Artemis Ephesia, I. Katalog der erhaltenen Denkmäler (Abh. Göttingen, 1935, lately reprinted). Fleischer has augmented the fabric by way of approximately one-third. His learn is typological and expressly renounces any main issue with the similar cults or with the starting place of the deities. take into account that, it contributes vitally however to the sort of considerations.

He defines his easy style as deriving from the Hellenistic and Roman eras, yet as showing, whilst, an historic visual appeal: the legs are indistinguishably closed, the higher fingers lie at the line of the physique, whereas the reduce fingers are symmetrically stretched out in the direction of the beholder; the decrease physique and legs are usually encased through a narrow-fitting sheath, and the chest is embellished with many 'breasts', heavy necklaces or different undefined. different gains are the excessive head-dress and the animals figured on the aspects or in entrance. what's in the beginning a bit awesome is that, even though goddesses predominate, a few male deities are integrated within the basic type; leader between them are Zeus Labraundus and Jupiter Heliopolitanus of Baalbek. The prime goddesses are the Ephesian Artemis, Aphrodite of Aphrodisias (in Caria), Hera of Samos, and Artemis of Perge (in Pamphylia). Welcome beneficial properties of the current assemblage of fabric are the due realization given to representations on cash and the assiduous monitoring down of the entire extra imprecise deities who will be assigned to the fundamental variety. The query of relationship, in regards specifically to the last word starting place, is handled too — a truly important research in view of theories which invoke an Anatolian or Syrian 'Renaissance'.

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Dariiber sitzen ziemlich tief drei Reihen von flachen, ovalen "Briisten" mit, von oben nach unten, fiinf, fiinf und vier Stiick. Dariiber deutet in Hohe der Taille eine Reihe von eingedriickten Kreisen die Eichelkette an, iiber ihr solI eine weitere Reihe von schragen Kerben wohl den Bliitenkranz vorstellen. In Brustmitte befindet sich eine Rundscheibe mit einem kleinen Kreis in der Mitte und eingedriickten Punkten herum, seitlich davon find en sich annahernd vertikale, leicht geschwungene Linien.

E 69 VERSCHOLLEN Polosfragment. CAYLUS, Recueil4 (1761) Taf. 52, 1-3. - THIERscH AE 36 zu Nr. 26. O. l3. Reliefs E 70 AFYON Museum, ohne Inv. Nr. FO. unbekannt. UnverOffentlicht. 1 TaJ. 38 H. 173 m, B. 0,15 m, D. 0,04 m. Feinkorniger hellgrauer Marmor. Riickseite grob gespitzt. Ecken des Relieffeldes und der Bodenleiste verbrochen. Dargestellt eine der Artemis Ephesia ahnliche Gottin in der iiblichen Stellung. Unter ihrem Ependytes treten Chitonfalten hervor. Der Ependytes weist nur ein Felderpaar mit Fiillung aus sich rechtwinkelig schneidenden Linien auf.

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