July 16, 2017

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By Derek Partridge

During this literate and easy-to-read dialogue, Derek Partridge is helping us comprehend what AI can and can't do. issues mentioned comprise strengths and weaknesses of software program improvement and engineering, the guarantees and difficulties of computing device studying, professional structures and luck tales, functional software program via man made intelligence, man made intelligence and standard software program engineering difficulties, software program engineering technique, new paradigms for procedure engineering, what the longer term holds, and extra.

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1. Responsiveness to human users 2. Software systems in new types of domains 3. Responsiveness to a dynamic usage environment 4. Software systems with self-maintenance capabilities Before attempting to explain this list, I should make it clear that this is very much a wish list for what will be achievable at some future date in terms of increasing software power; it is not a statement of current possibilities. But what we do currently see is various attempts in the software world to move in the direction of one or more of these types of increases in software power.

Object-oriented analysis is a method of analysis that examines requirements from the perspective of the classes and objects found in the vocabulary of the problem domain. Object-oriented design is a method of design encompassing the process of object-oriented decomposition and a notation for depicting both logical and physical as well as static and dynamic models of the system under design. Booch (1991) p. 37 Returning to our own (relatively trivial) design problem: having completed the general design, the detailed design would amount to realizing each of these two modules in some formal or semi-formal language which is composed of 'computational primitives'.

Another aspect of similarity with the previous distinctive feature is that it is not the problems as such which are accurately modularizable, but that only readily modularizable versions of the problems are tackled in conventional software engineering. So, as with the static-dynamic dimension of problems, we may well see AI applied to seemingly quite conventional problems but the AI version will be more ambitious and realistic—it will be a manifestation of the problem to which we would like to apply software technology, but whose component subfunctions are too tightly inter-coupled to permit veridical modularization using conventional software technology.

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