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Nau, D. , and Subrahmanian, V. S. (1991). Complexity, decidability, and undecidability results for domain-independent planning. Technical report, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Acknowledgments This research has been supported in part by DARPA/ AFOSR contract F49620-89-C-0110. , editors (1990). Readings in Planning. Morgan Kaufrnann, San Mateo, California. Bacchus, F. and Yang, Q. (1991). The downward refinement property. In Proc. Twelfth Int. Joint Conf on Artificial Intelligence, pages 286-292, Sydney.

EDU Abstract It is often desirable to allow a robot in a dynamic, uncontrolled environment to interrupt or abandon some task that engages it. " To define such control structures formally, it is necessary to define what it means to begin carrying out a task, independently of whether the task is completed. This paper presents a formal semantics for a language of plans that includes these control structures, together with concurrency and partial specification. Such a semantics will support the formal verification of plans of this kind.

The semantics must also describe constraints among the times when the superstatement and each substatement are begun, suspended, resumed, abandoned, and completed. The top-level plan is unique in that it must be executed in full, without interruption. Indeterminate (partially specified) plans can be easily be incorporated within this semantics, simply by making the relation between the statement form and the behaviors that execute it a partial relation rather than a functional dependence. We use the operator "one_of(Pl..

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