July 16, 2017

Download Asterix - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix by Rene Goscinny PDF

By Rene Goscinny

Asterix - The Twelve initiatives of Asterix (Classic Asterix paperbacks) the canopy is probably not an identical.

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Go back down the corridor to the great space from which you came and choose another path. But try and get it right this time! Foolish ones turn to Chapter 12, page 38. Crazy people advance to Chapter 15, page 50. 35 Storymaze Four-text 17/10/02 1:07 PM Page 36 11 PLIK! Sorry! T. misfire. The Ithacans go nowhere. That means they’re still on the bridge. T. Twelve of Limousin’s biggest and most powerful guards gather around. They reach for Nico’s arm. The vine cables start to strain and crack. Suddenly the bridge gives way.

Things are crook,’ he thinks. T. No Golden Udder. ’ Nico and Claudia are searching round in the centre of the room, right under the skylight. But where Mikey is sitting the edges of the room are darker. There is a tiny patch of light just a little way across the floor. It is coming from a tiny hole in the stone roof to the side of the main light shaft. ‘Hey, look at this,’ he calls to the others. Nico looks at the floor. ’ 31 Storymaze Four-text 17/10/02 1:07 PM Page 32 Mikey waves his hand over the patch of light and for a moment he breaks the beam.

T. There is no sign of him. No holes in the ground with tiny legs sticking out. No eyes smashed like eggs on rocks. No tiny creatures lying face down in the mud, breathing their last breath. Nico walks past a pond. ‘Pheeeww! What a pong,’ he says to himself. He hears something splashing. ’ Nico yells. ’ The others come running. Overwhelmed by the smell they stop. T. is floating in a sewerage pond hanging on to a piece of wood. Well, it looks like wood. Claudia and Mikey laugh. They can’t help themselves.

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