July 15, 2017

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By Santillana

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Age diversity: eight - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter 1 the diversity of Animal existence 12

Chapter 2 category and behaviour 33

Chapter three Animals with out Backbones 50

Chapter four Animals with Backbones 61

Conclusion 75

Glossary 77

For additional information 80

Bibliography 83

Index eighty four

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From the authors of The Evolution and Extinction of the Dinosaurs comes an advent to the research of dinosaurs for non-specialists designed to excite readers approximately technological know-how through the use of dinosaurs to demonstrate and speak about geology, normal heritage and evolution. whereas targeting dinosaurs it additionally makes use of them to show different points of the traditional sciences, together with basic strategies in evolutionary biology, body structure, lifestyles background, and systematics.

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Aspects of Zoogeography

Zoogeography goals to give an explanation for the constitution, functionality and heritage of the geo­ graphical levels of animals. The absence or presence of a species in a given position has ecological in addition to ancient factors. it really is hence a mistake to think that reconstructing the phylogenetic connections of a taxon will on its own provide a distinct photograph of ways its diversity originated.

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