July 16, 2017

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By Constantine P. Karakousis

This quantity is the made of the author's lengthy adventure with melanomas and sarcomas and to a lesser yet major measure with higher gastrointestinal cancers, colorectal and breast cancers. As such, it bargains a “hands-on” sensible consultant to imminent complicated soft-tissue tumors and for acting extra broad tumor resections in keeping with over forty years of surgical adventure. It presents vital information about the site of sufferers, incision forms, and publicity that are of paramount significance within the resection of convinced tumors. The publication includes very important basic surgical rules for impending tumors in numerous destinations but in addition bargains the aspect useful for the secure and oncologically sound resection of those malignancies. in addition, this operative atlas includes particular info for techniques which aren't as in general encountered in surgical education, yet will be useful within the administration of sufferers with in the community competitive tumors, akin to hemipelvectomy and its editions, sacral resections, and forequarter amputation.

Through using a number of specific illustrations, Atlas of Operative approaches in Surgical Oncology serves as a important source to the overall health care provider or surgical oncologist within the operative administration of sufferers with melanoma within the stomach, retroperitoneum, pelvis or extremities.

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However, the ulnar half of the flexor digitorum profundus is supplied by the ulnar nerve. In the case presented, the tumor laterally involved the flexor pollicis longus, which was dissected off the surface of the radius and removed en bloc with the adjacent sarcoma. The tendon of this muscle was divided above the flexor retinaculum. However, the flexor digitorum superficialis and its tendons were preserved. The median nerve, lying medial to the brachial artery at the level of the elbow, proceeds between the humeral and ulnar heads of the pronator teres and then behind the arch formed by the radial and humeroulnar heads of the flexor digitorum superficialis to occupy a position behind this muscle.

1982;69:108–11. 4. Balch CM, Soong SJ, Murad TM, et al. A multifactorial analysis of melanoma: III. Prognostic factors in melanoma patients with lymph node metastases (stage II). Ann Surg. 1981;193:377–88. 5. Sim FH, Taylor WF, Ivins JC, et al. A prospective randomized study of the efficacy of routine elective lymphadenectomy in management of malignant melanoma. Cancer. 1978;41:948–56. 6. Veronesi U, Adamus J, Bandiera DC, et al. Inefficacy of immediate node dissection in stage 1 melanoma of the limbs.

The long head of the triceps was exposed posteromedially (Fig. 12), and because the tumor was embedded in the triceps, its long and medial heads were removed (Fig. 13). After removal of the ulnar nerve, flexion at the wrist is maintained through the flexor carpi radialis, and flexion and extension of the fingers are intact. There is some sensory loss in the distribution of the ulnar nerve, and the hypothenar eminence is flattened because of the loss of its nerve supply. The hand assumes the appearance of “clawhand” owing to the loss of function of the interossei.

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