July 16, 2017

Download Economic and Social Development of the Southern and Eastern by Rym Ayadi, Marek Dabrowski, Luc De Wulf PDF

By Rym Ayadi, Marek Dabrowski, Luc De Wulf

This e-book encompasses a targeted choice of stories on key monetary and social coverage demanding situations confronted via international locations of the Southern and japanese Mediterranean sector in a brief- and long term viewpoint. ready in the european funded FP7 venture on „Prospective research for the Mediterranean sector (MEDPRO)” carried out in 2010-2013 it takes account on contemporary political advancements within the quarter (Arab Spring) and their capability effects. It covers a large spectrum of subject matters reminiscent of elements of monetary development, macroeconomic and monetary balance, alternate and funding, Euro-Mediterranean and intra-regional financial integration, deepest region improvement and privatizations, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture, monetary region improvement, poverty and inequality, schooling, exertions marketplace and gender issues.

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The shallow integration process between the SEMC and the EU is not complete, with the exception of Israel and Turkey. Algeria, and to a lesser extent Tunisia, exhibit high tariffs. 3 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Israel (2008) Lebanon (2007) Turkey (2009) Jordan (2007) Syria (2002) Algeria (2009) Morocco (2009) Egypt (2008) Tunisia (2006) Fig. 1 Average MFN tariffs applied by SEMC, %, unweighted average (From Ghoneim et al 2012) (Note: Last year available in brackets. Libya and Palestine are excluded due to lack of data) 3 MFN and applied tariffs are not strictly comparable, due to aggregation biases.

J Econ Dyn Control 21:145–181 Grossman G, Helpman E (1991) Innovation and growth in the global economy. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA Harrison A (2007) Globalization and poverty, NBER books. National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA 1 Determinants of Growth in SEMC 17 Jacoby HG (1994) Borrowing constraints and progress through school: evidence from Peru. Rev Econ Stat 76:151–160 King RG, Levine R (1993) Finance, entrepreneurship, and growth: theory and evidence. J Mon Econ 32:513–542 Lee J (1993) International trade, distortions, and long-run economic growth.

Appendix. Description of the Data Explanatory and other variables Description Source WDI Population GDP per capita, PPP (constant 2005, international USD, Units) Population in mn Inflation Inflation, average consumer prices WEO FD Domestic credit to private sector (% of GDP) Imports + exports of goods and services (% of GDP) WDI GDP per capita Openness WEO WDI Samplea 1980– 2009 1980– 2009 1980– 2009 1980– 2009 1980– 2009 (continued) 1 Determinants of Growth in SEMC Explanatory and other variables FDI (% of GDP) 15 Description FDI, net inflows (% of GDP) Source WDI WDI Government debt Gross fixed capital formation (% of GDP) Logarithm of telephone lines per 100 people Public expenditures in education (% GDP)* GG net lending/borrowing (% of GDP) Exponential of the average of the six WBGI* Total debt stocks (% of GDP) Current account deficit Current account deficit (% of GDP) Unemployment Unemployment rate, % of total labor force Dummy variable for pegged exchange rate regime Dummy variable for floating exchange rate regime Dummy variable for Eurozone membership Dummy variable for inflation targeting countries Investment (% of GDP) Infrastructure Expenditures in education (% of GDP) Government deficit Overall governance Peg Float Demu Dinflation_target WDI WDI WEO WB IMF, Eurostat, & Bank of Israel WEO WEO Rose (2010) Rose (2010) Own research Own research Samplea 1980– 2009 1980– 2011 1980– 2009 1981– 2009 1990– 2009 1996– 2009 1980– 2009 1980– 2010 1980– 2010 1980– 2010 1980– 2010 1980– 2011 1980– 2010 Note: aShows the maximum availability, but samples are shorter for some of the countries considered *Interpolated for some missing years References Abed GT, Davoodi HR (2003) Challenges of growth and globalization in the Middle East and North Africa.

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