July 16, 2017

Download Race, Crime and Criminal Justice: International Perspectives by A. Kalunta-Crumpton PDF

By A. Kalunta-Crumpton

This book provides a focused and important foreign assessment of the intersections among race, crime perpetration and victimization, and legal justice coverage and perform responses to crime perpetration and crime victimization.

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Within the context of the seemingly indirect way of practicing racial domination, it is no longer politically correct to, for instance, refer to Africa as ‘the dark continent’ or to openly describe African nations as backward. Instead, terms such as ‘developing countries’ have come into popular usage in global politics as an appropriate phrase for lumping many non-Western countries into one category. In whichever way the phrase ‘developing’ is interpreted, it nevertheless denotes the ‘inferiority’ of the non-Western countries that are categorized as such.

The deep influence that the centuries-long race 18 History thinking can have on contemporary ways of negotiating ‘race’ in concept and context is captured by Snyder (1962/2001: 92) when he states: Today, racialism, while scientifically outmoded and fallen from intellectual respectability, retains considerable historical importance. Systematic racial thought had strong influence on the growth and conduct of peoples in the Age of Imperialism. Our contemporary world took its political shape when racialism was at its height.

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